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Our sponsor page represents those who have graciously donated to Safer Midwifery for Michigan.  100% of every donation allows us to further advocate for improved standards and safer practices in midwifery.  In the past we have used donations in various ways, including:


  • Building our website
  • Printing educational materials
  • Postcard campaigns to support legislative efforts
  • Advertising materials such as buttons, bags, window decals, etc. 


If you would like to make a donation, you may do so anonymously, as a sponsor (business or personal), or In-Memory of someone special.  We will list sponsors and In-Memory donations in the space below. 


** If you already donated to helping us build this website last year during our Indie Go-Go campaign, we'd be happy to add your name, business, or In-Memory dedication to our Sponsor page.  Just Contact Us and let us know which name you'd like us to use.  Thank you for your support in building this educational tool. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference for mothers and babies!