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We like to refer to ourselves as an "advocacy group".  We hope to advocate for changes that will improve safety for families considering the care of midwives.  The role of advocate takes many forms.  This page offers a brief summary of the projects upon which we have embarked along the way.


Projects for Change


Our Website

Our biggest project to date was putting together our website to be used as an educational tool.  We recognized the need for accurate information surrounding midwifery in Michigan.  People from many walks of life helped to build the idea, raise the funds, and write the content for this project.  Some of those who consulted in various capacities include midwives, doulas, doctors, and families themselves.  As you browse here, we hope you find information that is helpful to you. 


Birth Certificate Changes

We consulted with a renowned and respected MI epidemiologist to talk about data and statistics.  These conversations led us to work with various departments at the state level to advocate for changes on birth certificates in Michigan.  We also continue to raise awareness at the state level about the issues surrounding outcomes, and lacking data when it comes to our ability to analyze the safety of out-of-hospital birth practices. 


Recent Changes (2014) in Birth Certificate


Legislation Consultation

We have worked tirelessly both to imrpove legislation that didn't improve safety for families, and to inspire legisltion that would preserve choice while improving safety as it's related to midwifery, namely out-of-hospital birth practices.  There has not yet been a successful bill regarding these issues that has moved beyond proposal, but several new versions come up each year.  Please visit our Legislation page to stay informed on this important topic, and to get involved in making a difference. 


Collaborative Care Initiative

We recognize that residents in the Greater Lansing Area have few options when it comes to maternity care and midwifery.  We met several times with representatives from Sparrow Hospital, and collaborated in drafting a proposal for a collaborative care model here in Lansing, hoping it would result in more safe options for families.  This project has not yet come to fruition, but we continue to encourage Sparrow to meet the needs of the surrounding community by providing safer options in maternity care.